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Love doesn't exist and no one can convince me otherwise.

Read this when you miss him. —


I. He has no capacity to be with another. Even if he loved you, you’d never know it.

II. He is a fool. He is naive. He will never learn. He is leaving.

III.He left you waiting. He never came. He never will.

IV. He blamed it on the alcohol. He came running back completely sober. He begged for forgiveness completely sober. He held you the entire night. Completely sober.

V. You have no idea of the things he said. You have no idea that he will run you dry. You have no idea that he has no intention of seeing you. Ever again.

VI. He lied to you. He swore he would never break your heart and six months later left you curled up in your bed begging God to never feel this way again.

VII. He looked you in the eye and told you there is someone better for you. He looked you in the eye and he told you he is not the one. 

VIII. Your friends, your family, and your own damn body is pleading you to leave him.

IX. You will be okay one day. One day you will wake up without a fire in your chest that longs for his touch his words and his scent. One day someone will treat you like gold and not like yesterday’s trash.

X. You do not need his 12 AM text, his 1 AM kiss, or his 7 AM goodbye to feel whole.


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You almost convinced me I mattered.

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